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Snotgorgel: Gesundheit!

  ‘Snotgorgel’ is an example of a word of which I can’t recall if it is only used within our family or if there are more people who are familiar with it. Originated in times of explosive snotty noses, loads of handkerchiefs and watery eyes. And steaming a lot. Above a bowl with these little green balls in it. And one day I woke up and saw the artwork that I was going to make clearly: Gesundheit! The eternal dripping nose, an always recurring cold, not feeling well. And of course; eucalyptus. The scent (from those green balls) to finally get some air again and breathe freely. Expectorant and bactericidal. And I found it amazing l to discover that there is a kind of universal need to answer when someone sneezes. Why? Not only the care for maintaining health is a recurring response in many languages,(Gesundheit!) but very often the divine is also added to protect the soul. Like the belief of the possibility when sneezing our soul could be expelled from your body. So w

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