RAW MATERIALS ... it sounds like a kind of carrots or perhaps food for wolves. But what is it really?

Raw materials are raw aromatic materials or essential oils. Or aromatic oils. In fact they are all the same: natural fragrances, from plants (flowers or trees). And those raw materials are the basis for, among other things, our perfumes. You could therefore imagine that this article might be about that. However, this is not the case right now*.

RAW MATERIALS is the name of the exhibition that I am currently preparing. It is the first major retrospective of my olfactory art (installations and art objects you can smell) that will soon be seen (and smelled) at Castle Groeneveld at Baarn. In this blog I want to offer you a little insight in the process of 'the making of' of this exhibition.

Mucus research "Gesundheit!':
 What is the right substance?
The poster in this article shows a detail from my latest installation 'Gesundheit!'. Sneezing, sniffing and blowing in eighty-four languages. An installation that has been ‘brooding on my thought board’ for a while and now has finally seen the light. In fact, looking at the light also helps against sneezing. They say. Participants of the upcoming HOVO course on 22 November will have the premiere of this installation. During this course (with an exhibition of my work,) the installation can be seen.

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On the special web page  webpagina "RAW materials" you will find all practical information about the exhibition.
 * That is perfume making which you can learn, for example in a class with me. Ambass'odor (Connecting Scents)

‘De kunst van het mogelijke’ (Dutch course) in collaboration with Professor Hans Alma, exercises in attention and imagination. The HOVO course day of November 22 is fully booked, but on March 28 there is another edition planned for which you can register  via the HOVO site . 


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