Sneak pre-sniffview installation My forest

Sneak pre-sniffview installation My forest 
for exhibition 'Raw Materials'
In my studio, it buzzes, hums and sings: another artwork for the exhibition Raw Materials, is ready. The installation 'My forest', especially made for this exhibition, consists of several artworks of which you can see a detail here. With lumps. So one of my daughters asked: what are they, salt crystals? It looks like it, but they are not. They are  true 'raw materials' in their primal form: giant fragments of pine resin.

It was mainly natural forces (and scents of course) that have given me inspiration for making this installation. Storm, uprooting, growth, light and renewal. The forest after the storm. When walking through, you see a ravage of trees and experience at the same time an explosion of fragrances! Lungs can fill up with pure air, thoughts are put on hold, you become calm, clear mind, and experience peace and space. These are also some effects of pine essential oils.

Detail 'My Forest'
The natural pine scent I apply in this object is that of the Pinus Sylvestris: the Scots pine. This essential oil (the aromatic raw material) contains many monoterpenes and is very volatile; exactly the reason why this fragrance is often used as a top note in a perfume. This is the first note to enter your nose! The oil of the pine is expectorant and antibacterial; ideal to prevent or dispel dripping noses. The essential oil is extracted from pine needles.

The resin of the pine (the large chunks in the object) is also called colophony. This is used in a wide variety of products such as cosmetics, chewing gum, furniture wax or as anti-slip for dance shoes. Fossilized (pine) resin is amber. Sometimes we even see remains of plants or insects in it.

The installation "My forest" can be experienced in its entirety, during the exhibition RAW MATERIALS". On the special Raw Materials webpage you will find all the practical information about the exhibition.

Want to know more about working with natural scents?  Ambass'Odor (Connecting Scents)

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8 Jan.- 24 maart 2019 Raw Materials | solo exhibition  with symposium 'Healing Environments' (february 10, 2019)| Castle Groeneveld | Baarn


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